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Undergraduate program
I. Learning Goals
The undergraduate program of this department aims to equip students with the ability to make risk management planning for themselves and organizations, the competency to work in the insurance-related industries, and the expertise to offer risk management and insurance service for other organizations.
II. Research and Development
Knowledge of insurance and risk management is the focus of research and development for the undergraduate program. We also enhance the cultivation of professional competency in human resources for areas including law, management, and actuarial science to demonstrate influence of insurance and risk management on society and policy consultation.
III. Teaching and Learning
To fulfill enterprises’ demand for risk management and insurance expertise, and to cultivate risk managers for enterprises and insurance managers for the financial industry.
IV. Student Focus
Through the training of core professional courses and appropriate practical specialties with the support of various college courses, we aim to develop the ability to analyze, assess, and manage risks and the ability to resolve actual insurance and risk problems in students.
V. Enterprise [Collaboration] Development:
To effectively implement knowledge-action integration and connect professional theory with enterprise practice. Apart from offering practical courses in collaboration with leading domestic enterprises by inviting field experts to give courses, we hold seminars with enterprises periodically.  We also plan enterprise visits and enterprise internships to acquaint students with enterprises for students to personally experience practical operations to support learning. Through interactions with enterprises, we can understand the talent demand in the field to bridge the education-employment gap.
Master’s program
I. Learning Goals
Understand the theory and practice of risk management in order to effectively manage enterprises and the risks of financial institutions.
II. Research and Development
Apply the fundamentals of risk management and insurance to related research topics; develop the planning, management, and problem-solving abilities in students; influence the policies and operational strategies of governments and financial institutions with the research outcomes; and constantly strengthen leadership in domestic risk management and insurance.
III. Teaching and Learning
Establish a complete professional training framework featuring risk-specific management and then financial risk management. Focus learning on three main aspects: law, actuarial finance, and financial management.
IV. Student Focus
In addition to professional knowledge, we offer market practice courses to achieve knowledge-action integration. Assist students in arranging enterprise internships to enhance their employability.
V. Enterprise [Collaboration] Development
Combine technology development and policy issues with the department’s rich resources in the industry, the government, and the academia to conduct research, development, and collaborative projects in all directions and become an important think tank of governments and enterprises.
PhD Program
I. Learning Goals
1. General
 a. Risk management theory
 b. Insurance operations theory
2. Management-specific
 a. Establishment and application of risk management strategies.
 b. Operations of policy insurance and commercial insurance
 c. Drafting and promotion of insurance regulations and supervisory policies
II. Teaching and Learning
The teaching and learning of PhD program aims to promote the academic development of risk management and insurance theories to enhance the research and education standards of this field.
III. Student Focus
Based on the areas of specialization, the PhD program has three sections: law, management, and actuarial science. Journal papers will be the main teaching materials to develop students into outstanding scholars and educators of respective expertise.