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Areas of Research:

1. Risk Management
2. Management and Operation of Insurance Company
3.Financial Risk Management
4.Acturarial Science and Financial Engineering
5.Law of Risk Management and Insurance
6.The Risk Management of Financial Holding Companies (FHCs)
7. Political and Social Risk Management

Future Prospects:

looking towards the future, the department is embarking on new curriculum to cover the following (as of 2005)
1. The Science of Risk Management
2. Insurance Management – Financial Risk Management
3. Risk Protection and Prevention
4. Law of Risk Management and Insurance
5. Insurance Regulation

Risk managers must serve their industry as medical doctors serve human beings, identifying potential risks in order to prevent and to remove them. As such, the mission of a risk manager is to make efforts to build a world of peace, stability and prosperity for human beings in the future.

Our Mission

Because our society is in great need of risk and insurance managers, our effort to prepare students with quality education and specialized training insures a steady supply of top-quality risk and insurance professionals.

We are proud to say that these efforts have been well recognized. Through the Joint College Entrance Examination, the Department has attracted many of Taiwan's top students. Therefore, the Department is committed to provide students with high-quality education and specialized training, to educate professionals for government, financial institutions, and academia, and to be one of the leading academic centers of risk management and insurance in Asia-Pacific region.