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 Doctorate Program

Learning Goal


To establish in students critical thinking about the insurance industry internationally and how the industry is structured towards risk and insurance related financial products. 


To establish within students with a framework for understanding the regulation and application of insurance theories as well as policies internationally. As regulatory issues are constantly changing, related courses & seminars invite a broad spectrum of international issues and pertinent topics to be discussed through problem solving and knowledge creating exercises to prepare students for further academic research or teaching.



Cultivating students to embrace risk and insurance knowledge, expertise through nontraditional applications.


Enhancing students’ capabilities of collecting, analyzing and producing complex insurance and risk related knowledge for consumer and societal well-being.



To provide students with a firm foundation in risk management and insurance operation research as well as promote advanced theoretical or empirical research that develops the analytical skills relevant to a Ph.D. candidate poised for research or teaching within Risk Management and Insurance related fields.



Enhancing student critical thinking and conceptual abilities within the realm of consumer behavior, through the meaningful application of economic indicators and social norms, means, etc., as related decision making.


Establish a framework by which Ph.D. candidates are able to develop new ideas and explore research that understands human decision making processes in terms of risk and insurance perceptions/decisions within daily life